The Jody Bunting Podcast - Health & Wellness with special guests...

27. How to run a marathon with former 15 stone Dave

26. Who is Jody Bunting?

25. Holiday Food Secrets with Lucy Price

24. Why does the UK love Cancer Research UK? With 2 of the East Midlands CRUK Team Becky & Katie

23. Can you get fit dancing? With Ginnette Brookes (GB Dance & Ultra Ballroom)

22. How to Food Prep with Sam (Smalls Kitchen Derby)

21. Can you lose weight eating fast food? with Liton Ali (Fast Food 30)

20. 5K App Unoffical ParkRun with Clare Stevens 

19. South Derbyshire Health & Fitness with MP Heather Wheeler

18. Why is Eastern Europe Slimmers with Valentina Kuzmenko (Ukraine) 

17. Getting rid of Man Boobs with Jonny Ackerley (The Strength Coach)

16. Egyptian Sex Tourism with Andrea (live from Sharm el-Sheikh)

15. Pelvic-Floor Exercises with Suzy (Alive Fitness Derby)

14. Getting of Drink and Drugs with Tim

13. Mental health with Mel

12. Why Women Should Lift Weight with Gail

11. Walking with Ros White

10. How to be a Healthy Vegan - Veganuary with (my daughter) Phoebe Hope PT

9. Cold Water with Zara (BBC 2's Hike with Me)

8. 40+ Womens Fitness with Kat (ZestFit Derby)

7. Christmas Day ParkRun with Alyson Woodcock

6. Phat Fitness with Dom (Warriors)

5. Fitness for New Mums with Rachel Holmes

4. Controlling Appetite by Author Billy Craig

3. Tracey Lomas lost 8 stone in a year following her plan of cutting processed carbs (bread, rice, pasta & potatoes)

2. Menopausal & Beyond with Susan Booth (Alive Fitness Pilates - ex Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs)

Coming Soon...

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